Applied Science & Humanities

To equip the students with sound concepts of Applied Sciences the college has a separate department. AKGEC covers the entire spectrum of education that gives a unique all-round perspective of holistic education process, not just in terms of preparing competent professionals for the country, but also provides a firm grounding in human values to produce well rounded and conscientious citizens and leaders.

The department offers core courses in Humanities, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics and Applied Chemistry.



Our vision is to expand our first year students’ horizon of knowledge by exposing them to holistic education as well as enhancing their English Language competence. Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities will become a centre of excellence in teaching and research, and a natural benchmark for other organizations to measure themselves against.


"Setting first-year engineering students up for success"

To deliver a unique first year broad based experience that emphasizes hands-on-learning, technical immersion in engineering concepts, problem solving strategies through integrated interdisciplinary learning that encourages freshmen, covering all branches of Engineering, to forge real world connections to science, technology and community.

HOD: Applied science

Name :

Prof. (Col) S. L. Kapoor

Qualification :

M.Sc, B. Tech, M. Tech.

Experience/Achievements :

Prof.(Col) S.L. Kapoor has 33 years of working experience in Indian Army in planning, execution and operation of Military Networks, including 10 years research experience in Dept. R&D and 8 years teaching in various Military College of Engineering. Has been teaching in private engineering college for 13 years after retirement.  His special interest are in planning, execution and operation of projects and systems related to communication networks and software engineering.

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Faculty at AKGEC fulfil multiple roles as educators, researchers and professionals having a broad range of backgrounds, scholarly interests and areas of expertise thereby bringing substantial achievement in professional practice and research into the classroom.

The multifaceted faculty continue to maintain and cultivate strong links with industry and academia alike. Besides high quality teaching, the faculty members are actively involved in basic and applied research through various R&D projects and consultancy.

This department has a well-established language lab to improve students Communication, Interpersonal skills, Art of Presentations etc. Applied Physics and Applied Chemistry has well equipped laboratories to impart practical training to all its students. The Department has the following lab: Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Language Lab.

AKGEC faculties and students were involved in path-breaking research and development activities. AKGEC follows the key ethical principles that should underlie the research endeavor. Researchers here take on real time problems, think innovatively and bring in novel solutions, to advance knowledge and make meaningful contribution to the society. 

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