School of Software Technology

AKGEC in its endeavor to bridge gap between Industry and Academia has been constantly striving to provide adequate learning opportunities to the students. In pursuit of this objective Department of Information Technology has set up School of Software Technology to identify the gaps in the curriculum and establish facilities that provides students an opportunity to learn software technologies which may not be covered or may be covered inadequately in the curriculum.

Java Technology Course

As a step towords the above objective, an agreement has been signed with a known training provider “DUCAT” on 01 Oct 2013 to run 80 Hrs course on Java Programming Language in the College.

Java is platform independent, secure, multi-threaded, robust and dynamic programming language. Due to its features, Java has gained popularity in desktop application, Server-side applications, Enterprise applications as well as in embedded and mobile devices application. A lot of advanced frameworks of Java like Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JSF etc are available that facilitate ease of use and faster developments. As a result, from Laptop to data centres, game consoles to scientific super computers, cell phones to the internet, Java is everywhere. Because of its tremendous popularity, there is wide spread demand of technocrats skilled in Java Technology in the industries.

The number of the participants in the ongoing Java Course (running w.e.f. 01 Oct 2013) is 44. The course contents include advanced concepts of AWT tool kit, swing, multi-threaded programming, networking, J2EE, JDBC, Servlet, JSP, Struts, Hibernate, Spring, Eclipse IDE etc.

Further, hands-on exercises are covered wherever required. The course shall also include a project work as part of the course. On completion of the course, DUCAT will issue a certificate to each successful participant. The participants would also have the option to appear in Oracle Certification exams and become Oracle Certified Java Programmer. Discount voucher will be given by DUCAT to those who appear in Oracle Certification examination.