1. No day scholar is permitted to visit the hostel complex without written permission of the Dean Hostel/Chief Warden. Outside visitors can visit the hostel with permission from the warden after making entry in the visitors register kept with the guard.
  2. The inmates of the hostels are to make use of all the facilities of the hostels without causing damage or defacing or disfiguring the same. Fine and other penalty will be imposed on the defaulters.
  3. There will be no wastage of electricity, water etc and in no circumstances will the rooms be left with lights and fans ON. Use of heaters and other electrical appliances is not permitted. Coolers are permitted after paying the requisite fees.
  4. Use of loud music systems is not allowed. However, use of music devices with earphones is permitted.
  5. All hostlers are required to make an entry in the Book Out register kept with the guard, while entering or leaving the hostel after 10 pm (for girls 6 pm in summer and 5:30 pm in winter). For Girls written permission is required to be taken for being out of the hostel after 6 pm in summer and 5:30 pm in winter.
  6. The following shall constitute acts of indiscipline:-
    1. Keeping, carrying, using or supplying of any fire arms lethal weapons, knife with blade of more than four inches length, in the room or outside.
    2. Keeping, using or supplying all forms of intoxicants.
    3. Celebration of birthdays in a violent form such as kicking, fisting, abusing etc.
    4. Late night parties are not permitted in the hostel
  7. No rewiring / additional wiring in the room is to be done. Putting of LAN wiring between rooms for the purpose of sharing of data /gaming is prohibited.
  8. Rooms once allotted will not be changed without the written consent of Dean Hostel.
  9. The rooms shall be open for inspection by the Warden and other authorities of the college at any time.
  10. The inmates shall keep their rooms in a neat and tidy condition and shall be responsible individually and jointly for the furniture /fittings and items issued to them.
  11. Students are advised to keep with them the phone numbers of the wardens for use in case of emergency. Further, they should respond to the phone in case the warden calls up. Also any change in the phone number of the student, parent(s) or local guardian(s) should be updated in the hostel records.
  12. Students are advised to report to the warden immediately in case of sickness of self or room mate. Self medication is not advised.
  13. Students are not permitted to take mess utensils and food into the rooms. All students are required to have their meals only in the mess.
  14. Any student gatherings for society meetings, organizing functions, practices etc. may be organized only after due permission of the warden with details of venue.
  15. Students themselves are responsible for the safety of their belongings and money. The hostel will not be responsible for loss of any money or belongings.
  16. Any pamphlet/poster that needs to be put on display in the hostel must be given to the warden. Nothing should be pasted on the walls.
  17. Students must adhere strictly to the hostel check in timings and report for attendance in time. All students are required to report for attendance in person.
  18. Students must necessarily read the notice board on a daily basis.