Leading the technical upfront, CONATUS, the Computer Science and Information Technology society of Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College brings to the students the illumination of the knowledge glow in IT sphere with its marvelous events, workshops and seminars. Conatus means "impulsive force". It brings to students the vast unexplored "technical horizon" within their grasp hold. A few gems from the wide range of activities organized by Conatus are:

a. C and Java classes for the code masters in college and that too free of cost in order to spread technical knowledge.

b. Code Ratri, an overnight coding spree involving students from various colleges.

c. Various Seminars are organized about latest technology. Some of them include the big names like Microsoft's and IBM's seminar.

d. A workshop for providing professional level developer and design tools students was conducted to enlighten the students of AKGEC.

e. Other events by conatus are Crazy money, Warfare recon, Survivor Cup, Apt-diction, Tech-Chronies, Brain Torrento and many more. These events were not only for the students of AKGEC but also for students of the other colleges.

To add to the glory, Conatus publishes bi-monthly e-magazine 'CONOSCENZA'. Till now 11 editions of it have been published.


The odd semester 2011-12 witnessed the successful completion of the following events

  • Conducted C/C++ classes for BTech I Year students from 6th September 2011 to 4th November 2011. The batch size was 240. BTech III year CS and IT students took the classes.
  • Conducted Java language classes for BTech II Year students from 5th September 2011 to 5th November 2011. The batch size was 240. BTech III year CS and IT students took the classes.
  • The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC) from IBM was conducted on 7th September,2011. The aim of the seminar was to introduce the students to the TGMC project contest using IBM tools and technologies. About 200 students attended the seminar. 367 individual students have registered to the TGMC website. The society is in the process of organizing a one day workshop on IBM tools in the college.
  • The event “Tech Takshri” was conducted for BTech II year students in two rounds. The prelims round was conducted on 22nd September, 2011 with 120 teams participating. 8 teams qualified for the final round conducted on 24th September, 2011.
  • The CS and IT society CONATUS celebrated its 6th birthday on 13th October, 2011. The students celebrated the event by organizing a get together for the members of the society. The Director, Dean Student Welfare, HoD CSE , HoD IT and the faculty of CSE and IT were invited. The success story of the society from its incubation till date was presented through a power point presentation. The 11th edition of the e-magazine CONOSCENZA was released.

The even semester 2011-12 saw the completion of the event DA-AKG-CODE, a project development contest for I, II and III year students. The event was launched in September 2011. 42 teams had registered, each team comprising 2- 4 students. Of these 18 teams completed the projects. Two teams were declared as winners with I and II positions.


CODE TO DIL: 3rd November, 2012 to 5th November, 2012

Team Conatus organized an event named “CODE TO DIL” which consisted of 2 Rounds. 270 teams, each team consisting of two participants, participated in the event. The event got a record participation of about 270 teams from II, III & IV year students. In the 1st round the participants were tested on various parameters such as C Programming, Aptitude Skills, Sports and Bollywood. Out of 270 teams only 10 teams from there qualified for the 2nd (Final) round.

The 2nd (Final) round of the event was organized at the Amphitheatre. The teams were judged on various fun tasks, games and C Programming.

The top 3 teams were awarded cash prizes and certificates. The winning teams are as given below:


Abhishek Mishra (ME/II/1140020)

Ayushi Srivastava (ME/II/1140005)


Sambhrant (ME/IV/0940058)

Deepanker Singh (EN/IV/0921004)


Anamika Porwal (ECE/III/1031104)

Artika Verma (ECE/III/1031041)

C Programming Course : 4th February, 2013 to 7th March, 2013

The society conducted C Programming Classes for B. Tech I Year students from 4th February, 2013 to 7th March, 2013 after college hours. 120 students attended the classes and students were awarded performance certificates on the basis of attendance and score in the test conducted.

B. Tech. III & IV year CSE and IT students conducted the classes.


Birthday of CONATUS: Team Conatus celebrated its 8th birthday on 10th of October 2013. The event was attended by Prof. B.M. Kalra, HoD CSE; Prof. R.P. Saw, HOD IT; Prof. V.K. Parashar, Dean Student Welfare, Ms. Mamta Bhusry,  Faculty Coordinator of Conatus and faculty members of CS and IT Departments. The day also marked the unveiling of the latest 13thedition of CONOSCENZA; the semi- annual magazine published by Team Conatus. The event concluded with fun games and tea for the faculties who spared their precious time and graced the occasion.

The Eighth HORCRUX: Team Conatus organized team event “THE EIGHTH HORCRUX” on November 14, 2013 which consisted of two rounds. Each team consisted of two participants. In the 1st round the participants were tested on various parameters such as C Language, Aptitude, Sports and Movies. The first round itself saw a record participation of about 400 teams and around 800 students from I, II, III and IV year. The event witnessed  record participation of  800 students; this being the maximum participation in any society event till date. The second round, which was the final round of the event, was participated by 12 teams. The teams were judged on C and Harry Potter questions. The top 3 teams were awarded with cash prizes and certificates.


C Classes were conducted for I year students from February 13, 2014 to March 13, 2014  by III year students. Total number of registrations was 120. The list of students who took the class is as follows:





Sanchit Tandon



Chahat Srivastava



Meenali Saxena



Dhawal Bajaj



Photoshop classes were conducted by Conatus member Aditya Chauhan, IT III year student from January 29, 2014 to February 5, 2014. The classes were attended by 17 students.


JAVA classes were conducted by Conatus member Rishabh Sharma, IT III year student for Conatus members of  II year from February 6, 2014 to February 12, 2014. Total 12 students attended the classes.


Team CONATUS conducted the event "THE LAST STRIKE" as the mid semester event of the society. The event was conducted in two rounds : the pre round was held on 18th Feb 2015,Wednesday in the back block during the lunch hours(12:40 p.m. to 2:20 p.m.) and the final round of the event was held on 23rd Feb 2015,Monday in the BB shed during the lunch hours. A total of around 460 teams participated in the pre round out of which 16 teams qualified to the final round. Out of the 16 teams the following teams emerged as winners:

1st Prize: ANKUR KUMAR (CS 2nd year)


2nd Prize: ASHISH MISHRA(IT 4th year)

AANCHAL DIXIT(IT             4th year)

3rd Prize: UTKARSH SRIVASTAV(ME 3rd year)


Team CONATUS conducted the C/C++ classes for the first year students of the college. The classes were taken in the CSE labs from 4:00p.m. to 6:00 p.m. by the third year members of the CONATUS . The classes were held from 11th Feb 2015 to 29th March 2015 for four days in a week. A total of around 160 students from the first year attended the classes.


Team Conatus conducted its recruitment for CS/IT 2nd year during August 2015. The recruitment process comprised of two rounds- written paper round (based on C, Java, Web Technology and Aptitude) and personal interview round. 160 students participated in the written round. Out of which, 67 were selected for the personal interview round. Based on personal interview, 14 students were recruited to the society.

The society celebrated its Birthday on 12 October, 2015. The celebrations were attended by Prof. B.M. Kalra, HoD CSE, Prof. R.P. Saw, HoD IT, Prof. V.K. Parashar, DSW, Dr. Mamta Bhusry, Faculty Co-ordinator and the Conatus Student members. The 16th edition of the society e-magazine CONOSCENZA was released on the same day.


CONATUS, the Computer Science and Information Technology Society, released its annual e-Magazine CONOSCENZA on 19 October, 2017 in the presence of Heads of Departments CSE and IT, faculty members and students.

The society conducted the event ECHELON REDEMPTION during the even semester 2016-17. The event, based on aptitude testing and coding problems, was conducted in two rounds on 15 February, 2017 and 17 February, 2017. A total of around 467 teams participated in the pre round out of which 20 teams qualified for the final round. The winning teams were awarded cash prizes and certificates.






Rachit Sharma

Ravi Goswami

B.Tech I Year IT



Harsh Gupta

Pratik Agarwal

B.Tech I Year IT

B.Tech I Year EC


Aanchal Panchnanda

Priyanka Jain

B.Tech I Year EC

B.Tech I Year CSE


Team Conatus conducts C/JAVA classes for first year students of the college every year. The classes are in the form of problem solving and query sessions. During 2016-17, the classes were held from 31 January, 2017 to 9 March, 2017. The classes, held after college hours and taken by B.Tech III and IV year students, were attended by 120 students for C Programming and 40 students for Java language. Students qualifying the minimum attendance criteria and assessment test were awarded Certificates of Merit.