‘EUPHONY’ was created on 7th October 2007. This society was mainly created for promoting the musical events in college but with the passage of time it has grown leaps and bounds not only in musical events but has also become a necessity of all the cultural programs in college. The founding members of the society were Rahul Shukla, Umesh Dwivedi, Rishabh Srivastava and Animesh Nigam. 
The biggest achievement of the society is the establishment of band ‘EUPHONY’ which has set milestones in musical events in intra college as well as inter college events. 

Another leap of the society is conduct of the Musical Classes in college where the students come to relieve themselves from the hectic schedule of the college and learn about various musical instruments. Further, the students of these music classes perform in various musical events. 
At the onset of the Euphony band it participated in ‘WARGASM’ in IIT Roorkee where the band EUPHONY came into limelights. It was just the beginning and the onset of the bright future of the society. The performers included Rahul Shukla, Umesh Dwivedi, Rishabh Srivastava, Animesh Nigam, Akshay Singhal and Akash Chandra who later became the pillars of all the musical events in College.

The next event of attraction was ‘Tech Trishna’. During the closing ceremony of the event, the band performed and gathered a huge round of applause and awesome cheering from the crowd.
Also the extension of the event was the conduct of ‘Kalrav’, which was the intra college cultural fest.The society, apart from providing musical performances, also provided support for the conduct of all the cultural events.

Apart from participating in all these events the society and the band has provided the basic framework to all the cultural events of the college from time to time as Alumini Meet, Republic Day, Independence Day and similar events. 

If growing with the same pace the society and the band ‘EUPHONY’ would register themselves as the premier on intra as well as inter college basis.