Blood Donation Camps For Soldiers Dainik Jagran 22-08-2017902 Peoples Donated Blood at 8 Place of District Ghaziabad Hindustn 22-08-2017902 People Blood Donted in Blood Camp Navbharat Times 22-08-2017


The students of AKGEC have brought laurels Dainik Jagran 22-02-2017Organizing a convocation ceremony at AKKGEC  Engineering College on Sunday 19-03-2017 HindustanDonated 785 blood donated byThe  students of AKGEC 02-03-2017Digital India will gather in the conference, giants across the country in AKGEC 20-01-2017 Amar UjalaAnnual Sports Competition held at Ajay Kumar Garg College 04-02-2017 Amar UjalaAjay Kumar Garg Engineering College wins Mitsubishi Electric Cup23-02-2017 Amar UjalaAjay Kumar Garg Engineering College in the blood donation camp 02-03-2017 Dainik JagranAjay Kumar Garg Engineering College engaged in blood donation camp 02-03-2017 Navbharat TimesAKTU Offers Research Grant of One Lakh Rs. to AKGEC 03-04-2017 Amar UjalaAKGEC University Topers honored at the Convocation Ceremony 20-03-2017 Amar ujalaAKGEC Installs Solar Power Plant Navbharat Times 06-07-2017AKGEC Installs Solar Power Plant Hindustan  05-07-2017AKGEC Installs Solar Power Plant Dainik Jagran 05-07-2017526 AKGEC's Students got Degree in Convocation Ceremony 20-03-2017 Dainik Jagran526 AKGEC's Studens got Degree in Convocation Ceremony 20-03-2017 Hindustan526 AKGEC's Studens got Degree in Convocation Ceremony (Selfie Pic) 20-03-2017 Hindustan526 AKGEC's Studens got Degree in Convocation Ceremony  20-03-2017 Rashtriya Sahara526 AKGEC's Studens got Degree in Convocation Ceremony  20-03-2017 NavBharat Times


the national conerence  in AKG engineering colleges 29-01-2017 Dainik JagranTwo-day national conference in the AKG College of Engineering 29-01-2017 Amar UjalaThe players are shedding sweat in the Table tennis tournament 14-11-2016 Amar UjalaThe Students of AKGEC waved the flag on national levelThe Chancellor's Medal to AKGEC's  ayushi 25-01-2017 HindustanThe Capture of first chancellor AKTU Medal By Ayushi Amar Ujala 07-01-2017The Capture of First Chancellor AKTU Medal By Ayushi Amar Ujala 7-01-2017Taking part in the competition held in  AKGEC college table tennis players 13-11-2016 Amar UjalaInterview of Dr. R.K. Agarwal 15 May 2016 in Indian ExpressExcellence Award at the national level to AKGEC 27-10-2016 HindustanAKGEC's first Chancellor Gold Medal ayushi 24-01-2017 Amar UjalaAKGEC is  given training to  Student 22 September 2016 Dainik JagranAKGEC contributed in Skill India 22 September 2016 HindustanAKGEC college received the  Best Lab View Academy Award  27-10-2016 Amar UjalaAKGEC Three Student Gold Medel session 15-16 Amar Ujala 22-12-2016AKGEC Students will interact with new technology 22 September 2016 Amar UjalaA splash of Ghaziabad AKGEC in AKTU convocation 24-01-2017


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