Programmes for Students


Academic excellence alone is not enough and cannot guarantee a good career. Certain personality attributes and soft skills are essential not only to get a good job placement but also to be able to contribute and grow in an organization. Taking cognizance of this, the college emphasises all round development through a range of extracurricular activities as well as organizing and conducting formal Personality Development Program.

This programme spanning over 100 hours is conducted by a professional agency on weekends and includes training in communication skills, group discussion, interpersonal skills and interviews. This is a mandatory programme for second year B.Tech. and first year MCA students of the college. This programme helps in the overall personality development of students. The whole exercise is intended to increase the employability of students. Amidst an inspiring and invigorating environment, students undergo training that turns them into top notch professionals.



As a step towards grooming students into perfect professionals and to make them compatible with the IT industry, campus connect programme is run by our T&P department which is conducted by Infosys. Under this programme, Infosys has designed and provided 100 hours teaching module, for  which, the faculty at AKGEC has been especially trained by the firm. This module is taught to top 120 students of third year as an extra course on weekends.

In addition to this, Infosys has also provided  a range of projects that the students take up as a part of their final year projects. These steps not only help Infosys to reduce their in house training time but also help the students in acquiring technical skills which make them more suitable for IT industry.



The entire educational process at AKGEC revolves around guiding and providing the students all the imperative and relevant inputs to take on the professional world with conviction and confidence. Thus apart from PDP & CCP our college also offers modules on ProE, CAT/A etc. leading to certification and helping students to become proficient in the current generation CAD software used in industry.

In addition the college facilitates the conduct of the following long term software courses in the campus also:


Course  on Java Technology

Department of Information Technology has set up School of Software Technology that identifies the gaps between the curriculum and industry needs and establishes facilities to overcome the shortcomings. This mechanism provides students an opportunity to learn software technologies which may not be covered or may be covered inadequately in the curriculum. Towards this end, School of software technology presently conducts courses on Java Technology and Linux with Kernel Programming.

Java is platform independent, secure, multi-threaded, robust and dynamic programming language. Due to its features, Java has gained popularity in desktop application, Server-side applications, Enterprise applications as well as in embedded and mobile devices application. Due to its tremendous popularity, there is wide spread demand of technocrats skilled in Java Technology in the industries. The course is of 80 Hrs duration and run by reputed training provider “DUCAT”. The course contents include advanced topics of JAVA and a project work in Java language. Students also get adequate opportunities for hands-on exercises throughout the course.

DUCAT issues certification on completion of the course. The students also have the option to appear in Oracle Certification exams and become Oracle Certified Java Programmer.

Linux with Kernel Programming

Another course that School of Software Technology runs is Linux with Kernel Programming. Linux is a freely distributable, cross-platform operating system based on Unix. This is installed on PCs, laptops, note books, mobile and tablet devices, video game consoles, servers, supercomputers and more. Due to this there is good demand of Linux professional in the industry. Since Linux does not form a part of the university curriculum, this course is run inside the college campus for the benefits of the students.

The course is of 60 Hrs duration and has been designed to include advanced concepts such as Kernel Programming. The course is conducted by RCPL and participants get certificates both from RCPL and Red hat.

The course greatly enhances the knowledge spectrum of the students and their employability.

Microsoft  IT Academy

To bridge the gap between academics and industry requirements, AKGEC signed an agreement with Microsoft to set up the “Microsoft IT Academy (MSITA)” at its campus in November 2012. The courses under MSITA are designed by Microsoft and are delivered by ‘Microsoft Trained Trainers’ through Microsoft Delivery Partner ATS Infotech P. Ltd. The courses consisting of two levels of 50 hours each are focused on training the students on Microsoft leading technologies. Besides theory and lab sessions, each level comprises of project work based on Microsoft technologies. The students can subsequently appear for Microsoft Global Certifications. The value addition beyond the curriculum promises to go a long way in promoting their careers in today’s competitive job scenario. Read More..


Networking Academy

AKGEC has set up a Networking Academy on 18th January 2013. The academy provides industrial exposure to its students in networking domain by introducing world class and industry proven courses for producing the next generation certified networking experts. Cisco being the leader in the networking domain, the academy offers training on Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and Cisco Certified Inter–Networking Expert (CCIE), as huge demand of Cisco certified professional exists in networking industry. The Cisco certification attained by students will enhance their placement opportunities in the international market manifold. Read More..