Environment Sustenance & Eco Friendliness

The basic philosophy of AKGEC towards all processes and activities is oriented towards environmental sustenance and eco friendliness. The architecture, design and construction of college building is such that bricks and stones are used maximum and cement plastering is minimal which makes it maintenance free. The architecture of buildings ensures maximum sunlight on all floors. This allows high circulation of natural air and green plantations to flourish on all floors. The buildings are thermally insulated which keeps the temperature lower in summers and higher in winters, thereby reducing the need of power consumption. A network of rain harvesting systems ensures continuous recharging of ground water table. The sewage treatment plant recycles the water filtered through its beds for horticulture needs of green lawns, hedges and plantations of college.

Each block and building is surrounded by large open areas on which green lawns, hedges and planters maintain a healthy balance with environment.

There is high focus on conservation of natural resources. A committee on energy conservation ensures usage of electricity only where and when needed with minimum wastage. The committee also promotes procurement and installation of efficient electrical systems to save electricity. Installation of solar heaters provides hot water in the hostels without usage of electricity. Automatic water dispensers are used in toilets to avoid continuous running of water. Special efforts are made to co-ordinate trips of various vehicles to optimize their usage.

The waste management area is given high priority. The recyclable garbage waste and non recyclable wastes are dumped in specified containers / dustbins. A separate agency with specialized expertise and dealing in waste collection and disposal has been hired to collect the wastes on daily basis. This company processes the bi-degradable waste to make manure and disposes of cyclable & non-cyclable wastes as per established norms of Government.

Optimum usage of natural resources used by mankind is the basic need of the day to maintain required balance in nature This theme is our mantra.