First Year Activities

Anti-ragging Campaign

Like every year this year too the Anti Ragging Campaign began with a meeting of the Director with all Heads of Departments, Deans and launching of Air Balloon with Anti Ragging Message above college complex. The campaign was planned much before the arrival of first year students.

Anti Ragging Awareness KIRAN (Kaho India Ragging Ab Nahi)

The Proctor of the college addressed all IInd, IIIrd & IVth year students of the college in rotation for about a week between 4 Aug 2017 to 10 Aug 2017 to mention ills of the ragging and the provision of strict punishment to be awarded if one is involved in any incidence of ragging. Various issues on ragging as laid down by the UGC and AICTE were explained through power point presentations. Video clips available on UGC site were also shown to all students. Students were also educated on ills of drugs.



Anti Ragging Kite Flying Event

The college has organized Kite Flying Anti Ragging Campaign on 11 Aug 2017 to promote the message of anti ragging and healthy cooperative environment among students of AKGEC. The purpose of this event was to encourage harmony among senior & fresher students.

Around 2000 students and 300 faculty and staff member participated in Kite Flying event very enthusiastically. All important functionaries of college including Director Dr. R. K. Agarwal, all Deans, HoDs grace the event.  


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Talent Search program for the First year :

Whole day Programs for all first year students were arranged under supervision of the Proctor, Dean Hostel, Faculty Wardens and other faculty members. Senior IIIrd, IVth year student members of Discipline Committee and Student Heads of various cultural societies were present. Following events were arranged:-

 a.     Delivery of motivation lectures and screening of video clips provided by UGC.

 b.     Playing of College Band Euphony and dance/songs by senior students of college societies.

 c.     First Year students were encouraged to come forward and take part in various cultural events to show their talents.

 Orientation Program: Disha 2017

An orientation program was arranged by senior students for all first year students Vedanta Farms which was attended by Director, HODs Deans, First year faculty and Staff Members. Salient features of the day long program were, address by the Director, Dean First Year, and Proctor. Presentation of slides/films prepared by Senior Students and various academic, technical and cultural societies of the college shown. After that a College Darshan for first year students under arrangement of class faculty and students members of the Discipline Committee arranged at the end entertaining and educating skit was performed by the students of college society Goonj.



The above mentioned anti ragging measures and elaborate orientation programme facilitated smooth induction and settlement of the new entrants in the college. No case of ragging has been reported in our college so far.


Induction Programme

Orientation/Induction Programmed for first year students for academic session 2017-18 was done twice as given below:-

Orientation Programme July – Aug 2017 (Ist sem)

The programme was conducted for all students of first year for 6 days from 31 July 2017 to 04 Aug 2017. Following activities were performed:-

a)     Talent Search Program :  All senior society students performed in front of students and motivated them to sing, play, dance to identify their talents.

b)     Human Value Course : Four days sessions on universal Human Value Course for all freshly joined students by faculty members trained on Human Value Course.

c)     Guest Lectures  : Invited talks on motivational by prominent persons who were invited to give guest lectures.

d)     Local Units  : Visit to TIFAC CORE Labs Skill Development Centre of the college.

e)     Tours : College tour and lectures of the Proctor and Dean First year.


Induction Programme 2nd (15 Jan to 21 Jan 2018) IInd Sem

Not with standing the above, a weekly induction programme as specified by  the university was again done in beginning of the second semester from 15 Jan to 21 Jan 2018. The salient features of daily programme conducted during these are given below:-

a)     PT/Yoga : PT in the morning.

b)   Universal Human Value Session : Senior four 12 members qualified on Human Value Course Level have taken multiple sessions.

c)     Guest Lectures : By eminent speakers on motivational and other important social issues such as Anti Drug, time management etc.

d)     Creating Arts Sessions : By senior society students.

e)     Evening Games.

f)      Tours : Local visits within the college.